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    Benefits of personalised medicine

  • 3

    Evolution of RAS testing

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    PRIME: a pivotal study in mCRC

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    PEAK: Vectibix® vs bevacizumab (phase 2 study)

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    Options after 1st line Vectibix® + FOLFOX

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  • Why should 1st line treatment with Vectibix® in combination with FOLFOX be considered in wild-type RAS metastatic colorectal cancer patients?

  • If I use Vectibix® + FOLFOX in 1st line, what are the guidelines recommending in 2nd line?

  • Should I test all of my patients for RAS tumour status?

  • What resectability data are available for Vectibix®?

  • How do I manage skin toxicity with Vectibix®?

  • Why didn’t Vectibix® achieve a significant overall survival benefit in the original PRIME analysis?

  • Is FOLFOX an adequate comparator now?

  • PEAK is a phase 2 trial – why is it important?

  • What is the difference between Vectibix® and cetuximab?

  • Why are retrospective data important?