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The location of the primary tumour: Impact on outcomes with 1st line Vectibix®

An exploratory analysis of data from the 1st line PRIME and PEAK studies was presented at the ESMO 2016 congress in Copenhagen, which considered the impact of tumour location on outcomes.1

  • In patients with left-sided primary tumours from PEAK, the median overall survival (OS) with Vectibix® + FOLFOX was 43.4 months, nearly 1 year (11.4 months) longer than the median OS with bevacizumab + FOLFOX.1 This adds to the existing four retrospective subgroup analyses showing that Vectibix® with either FOLFOX or FOLFIRI can achieve median OS ≥40 months2–5
  • In 1st line treatment, Vectibix® + FOLFOX showed increased response rates vs chemotherapy with or without bevacizumab in both left-sided and right-sided primary tumours1
    • Further analysis is required to determine the optimal treatment for patients with right-sided primary tumours

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Adapted from Boeckx et al.1

These analyses further support previous studies showing that tumour sidedness is prognostic, and that patients with left-sided primary tumours fare better than those with right-sided primary tumours.1,6–9

This hot topic describes the findings of this analysis in greater detail,1 and considers their implications.

Left-sided primary tumoursRight-sided primary tumoursTumour sidedness and prognosis


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